Problems distinguishing tabs in the tab bar in Incognito windows

When in an Incognito window in BRAVE Dev, I continue to find the tab bar (background) to be too dark, and the tabs (the foreground text, etc.) to be too light (indistinct).

Unlike in regular windows, there is almost no visibility of the borders of different tabs on my MacBook Pro (in an Incognito window).

When I want to close the current tab I often accidentally close the wrong one because the brightness level of the active tab isn’t easily distinguished from the brightness level of other tabs.

Admittedly, part of the reason for this is that I usually have many tabs open, which tends to de-emphasize the brightness contrast, but more color/shading/contrast options would, I think, eliminate the problem.

This problem does NOT occur in the Bookmarks bar, where the text is much brighter (though I still can’t see borders; they’re completely lost in the dark black background, even more so than in the tab bar).


(BTW, I’m using the "Light’ theme.)