Problem with Youtube.. video is not available.. it asks for a G suit account

Hello, yesterday I moved from Google Firefox to Brave… But in my You tube account some video’s are shown and others are not. In that case I get a mention of ‘video not available, log in with a G-suit account’. I did and do not have this problem in other Google browsers. Can you help me? Thanks!

Can you paste the youtube clip you’re having issues with?

Hi, this is it.

Link to this youtube video? @mir1


Can you please help me?

I sent you the screenshot already, but no response?

I really really want to use Brave browser… but I experience a lot of difficulty.

Like with video’s I get this message, it asks for a G suit account

Youtube is not working properly.

And more problems like this… see below.

And my VPN is not working with Brave as well… PureVPN…

Please help?


Schermafbeelding 2020-10-29 om 13.18.26.png

Are you using a proxy? (going by the popup) Can you try without using a proxy.


Thank you… how do I do that?

Thank you!

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