Problem with website photos

Ever since installing Brave, I have had issues with websites, that have photos, that you click an arrow to go to the next photo. They all display in weird blocks of color.

Screenshot 1 shows the initail page, rendered correctly.

Screenshot 2 shows the page after I click the image, Thumbnails along the bottom show up fine, but the main image is garbled. Same on image 3 and so on.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but so far no luck in resolving this issue.

It has done this since day one.

Using v 78.0.3904.97 on Linux Mint 19.2 64 bit.

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Hi @Marko217 - thanks for reporting. Do the images display correctly if Shields are down? Are there any sites that they do display correctly on?

Sweet car BTW!

Just visited;

Seemed okay with Sheilds. @Marko217 can you test with hardware acceleration = off?

Settings, System, Use hardware acceleration when available = off

I tried it with Brave Shields turned off. No change in results.
It does the same thing on

Seems to work fine when I am on All the film slide photos scroll through just fine.

I tried as you suggested, with the hardware acceleration turned off, and no change in what happens.

I forgot to mention, but the same page from the Kijiji website renders just fine when using the latest version of Firefox. Same with the bring a trailer website.

And thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

Well this is just bizarre…The browser started working fine this morning.

As per fanboynz’s suggestion, I disabled the hardare acceleration button, which did not seem to work. But I had not exited the browser, nor rebooted the PC. When I booted it up this morning, I tried the same two websites, and low and behold, Success ! The photos display and scroll perfectly. Kinda goes with the first rule of IT. “Did you try turning it off and back on again ?”

Thanks to steeven and fanboynz for the tips.

Problem resolved.

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