Problem with Uphold "your bank account will be verified"


my brave account is connected to Uphold, but recently I can’t transfer my money to my usual bank, worse my account was blocked and a verification request is asked.
even though my account has already been verified!

Here is what they say in their email
"Please go to your bank’s app and complete the deposit to the account provided in the screenshot.

Once the deposit is received, your bank account will be verified,"

Am I the only one with this problem?
Should I really trust them?

I have the same message…


It’s weird because on my side, I’m afraid to be fooled by their message.
because I never had to do that before.

If your bank account is already verified, then you should contact Uphold support.
Don’t transfer anything before talking with them.

Remember that a bank account must be in the exact name of the Uphold account.


Thank You for the information.


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