Problem with unlisted token on Brave wallet

I made the mistake of depositing an unlisted token on the Brave wallet (TAMA from Tamadoge). Of course islands tokens are fine in my brave wallet but they are unusable. Is this situation reversible or should I consider that I have lost this investment?
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@moimoimoi you’ll just have to add it. So when you go in Brave Wallet, if you scroll to the bottom you should see + Visible Assets. Click on it and then you’ll see an option that says Add custom asset.

You’ll fill out all the information as you see below and then it will be seen in your Brave Wallet.

From what I’ve seen, TAMA runs on ETH, which means should be no issues.

They are in the midst of modifying things for Brave Wallet to automatically discover and add assets in the future. For now though, you have to add custom assets if it’s not something that they had listed.

Hello Saoiray, got kinda similar issue…
Tried to top up my brave wallet from my Binance account, sent USDT [it says transaction ok] but nowhere to be seen on Brave!?
On a sidenote do you have any smart suggestion as to what token is best to send from Binance to B. for buying degen coins on Dextools - in real life - one that would cause least interoperability issues?
Many thanks

It all depends on the token’s blockchain. If you want to buy a token created in ethereum, very likely you need ETH. If you want to buy a token created in Binance Smart Chain, very likely you need BNB. And so on and so forth.

First you need to check which pairs are listed in the DEX tool you want to use. For instance, in Pancake most tokens can be bought with BNB, Cake and BUSD.

Although you may be able to swap any other tokens, it may not be worth due to fees. For instance, If you want to buy token XXX with USDT in Pancake, but this pair does not exist, what the tool does is converting USDT to BNB and then BNB to XXX. You are just paying fees twice.

So, do your research before buying anything. Coinmarketcap is a good start. They use to list most available pairs.

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