Problem with the total confirmed installs

Hi. I have a problem with April’s earnings. I’ve done many ads with a lot of money. I had 4541 one to install the browser. There are two main problems, firstly, Group 5 only confirmed 509 installs which is pretty low compared to the 4541 install. Secondly, Groups 1,2,3,4 are even worse. So, I need you to check my earnings again, as it seems like there is a clear problem.



Wow I, I hope you are making more than your ad spend because I’m defiantly not. where are you advertising if you don’t mind me asking.

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Funny how your only getting paid from group 1, something is fishy if you ask me.

It looks like they just decided they will pay you 500USD & they rigged the confirms accordingly.

I’m writing a review on the Brave Platform for a online blockchain magazine, I’ll be sure to include this if that’s okay.

What is awesome ؟؟؟
I lost my money

Hi @Bakr - payments will begin to process later today.

Thank you
I’m asking about the total confirmed installs, I’m sure and confident that brave will pay me. I’m waiting.

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