Problem with the next date payment i received only 3.40 bat i wait for 40 bat in total

hello @steeven @Mattches i had no answer and just 3.4 bat received in my uphotd account i wait for 40 bat in total but nothing i have brave brave beta and brave nithly and total more than 40 bat but i don t have answer and no issu plesae help me or answer me in my DMi sent you

This is due to the mathematical calculation carried out by the System to give the money to the users, your account may need a little more activity to rise to the payment Rankins, in order to receive your full payment or higher payment, the higher the volume of activity on your account, the higher the payment. You may not receive the next Balance until the following month, for now that is the Balance that the system has chosen to Assign You.

i used only brave i have activity only in brave i used only brave browser

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