Problem with tabs freezing after minutes of inactivity, HELP!



Hello everyone! I had a problem on the Brave browser for the past week or so and the problem is that the tabs freeze or I think the whole browser freezes after minutes of inactivity. Basically, if I open a bunch of tabs and maybe use a tab for like 30 minutes, other tabs would just simply not work, I tried clicking on them but no luck. The only way I know to use the tabs again was using was to enable the “continue where you left off” option and if I exit and reopen Brave again it would work. So I hope someone could help me with a fix here because this prevents me from using one of the best browsers in my opinion and also hope for more innovative features to be added so they could step up to other great browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon etc. Thank you!

Unresponsive tabs
Can't open some tabs
Unfocused and unresponsive tabs

This issue is under investigation and fix should be available soon. You can track the issue here

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