Problem with statistics

This month the graph showing me installs but the upper tab doesn’t show them. please declare.!

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 9.45.55|568x500


Hi, I have the same problem, so you are not alone in suffering

any reply for me ? please answer

Hi, if your chart statistics are not updated, then it’s worth the wait, the support of the brave says that it can be updated within two days, but if you mean the blue table, then do not worry about anything, they have not solved this problem yet, but promise to solve it soon.

it’s been for about one week


Most importantly, the chart at the bottom of your screenshot is updated. My schedule was not updated for 5 days, and then it was updated and there all the settings appeared

Have you already started the process of withdrawing funds from your wallet to uphold? I wanted to ask, usually at this time this process begins, but I haven’t.

yes, I got money before

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