Problem with statistic in my dashbord

Hello everyone, I had created a topic yesterday with the same reason but they closed it indicating that the referral program is over. I am aware of this, I know that I cannot refer anyone else, however my problem is that I cannot see the statistics of my referrals from last month that should be validated at the beginning of December in case they reach 30 days. this is what i mean i can’t see the graph. someone help me please or explain. because I understand that these referrals that started with me in October, should be paid to me in December, the problem is that I cannot see if they will be validated. I can’t see my dashboard


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Hi @Baby1810,
I started a topic yesterday on this same subject.
I cannot understand why they eliminated all the information and all possibility for us to control and follow up on confirmations and payments.
They should correct this error and soon restore that information.

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Yes. I absolutely will call this an ERROR. Why would they remove the graph, Publisher will obviously gonna question it because we need to know the situation and updates of our rewards, Since the referral program just ended. We want to secure that we will still gonna get paid for the last refers.

Hopefully they will bring it back.