Problem with sidebar

Sidebar gets expanded with the same size of the bookmarks:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Hover over the sidebar that appears automatically

Expected result:

Brave Version(v1.58.135):

Additional Information:

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I apologize but I am unclear on what exactly the issue you’re encountering is. Can you please elaborate?

So normally the sidebar is collapsed, on hover it shoukd only shoy the icons on the left or right (depending on the config). But instead of onlyh show the bar it shows an extra blank space that corresponds with the same size of the reading list that appears when you make Ctrl+B.
I don’t know if it is clear enough. If not just tell me.

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@g5fighetr I’m not able to replicate. I’m wondering if something you’ve added may be doing this? I’m not sure what you had there on your sidebar, but I do recognize what seems to be something relating to ChatGPT and all. Does this occur if those are removed?

If you don’t want to remove it or extensions for testing, I’d ask you to instead add a new profile and test from there.

In addition to what @Saoiray asked, what happens if you open and close the reading list? I’ve seen a similar issue before where the user simply had to open and close the reading list itself in order to get the correct width.

Yes, when you do that the size is restored, but after the entire sidebar panel is closed, and reopened I have the same problem again.
PD: Mine is opened on hover

Interesting. I can’t reproduce the behavior. I’m betting it’s an extension issue.

Can you please try creating a new test profile and check and see if you get the same behavior in the sidebar when using it?

same issue

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Not sure why I didn’t ask this before — if you click and drag on the edge of the sidebar, you should be able to resize it. After resizing the sidebar, then closing/reopening it, does it return to that same width or does it stay at the size you set it to?

the bug seems like it might be something to do with the Reading List but it’s beyond that I’d say…
I’m apparently too new of a user to post a video, but…
switch the option to just “on mouseover” & DON’T hit the Reading List button
and see how it creates a blank space instead of showing the Reading List where it shows the books/“Add current tab” button.

Also FYI
OS: Windows 11 Home / 22H2 / 22621.2428
Brave Version: v1.59.117 (Oct 11, 2023) (Just updated and still happening on new version)
It’s happening in PRIVATE and with a NEW PROFILE


I’ve done it and it mantains the resized size.

Brave Support is aware, they’re working on it, they updated it on another post/see links below, hopefully they’ll figure it out sooner than later now:


Ohhh, thanks, i’ll mark it as solved

What solution? I don’t see it.

I have this same problem.

The bug isn’t officially fixed but customers have done as much as possible, make the Brave developers aware of the situation, they’re aware now and will work on it (as seen in the GitHub post/link), so all we can do now as customers is be patient.

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