Problem with rewards BAT tokens

Good day!

Please help me with the issue of rewards. I want to use Brave browser and get rewards but the system says that its impossible in your country. I am Ukrainian and live in Poland.

Can someone help me? How can I change my location in browser?

Thank you in advance

@avtomat4ik Let me provide some key points to you:

Step 1: Passport

  • Ukraine is not supported right now. You can see a list of supported countries at

  • Poland is supported, but this means you need to have a Poland passport that you have provided to Uphold. If you have not done this, then you can’t connect to Uphold at this time.

  • If you are using from Ukraine, then Uphold would report to Brave that you’re from Ukraine even if you’re living in Poland and provided Poland residence. So this is the very first thing you need to resolve.

Step 2: Operating System region:

If you are using Russia for your Country, Regional Format, and sometimes as language then the browser will see you from Russia. Therefore you need to change that.

Step 3: Your Rewards country:

When you first use Brave and set up Rewards, it asks you to choose your country. If you chose Ukraine but use Poland passport, then it would give you an error that says Country Mismatch. You would have to Reset your Rewards and choose Poland for your county. You can reset Rewards by going to Rewards in your settings and then choosing to Reset. Of course, if you have any vBAT on the device it will be lost when you reset.

Yes, I can provide Polish residence card. Where I need to provide it?

My Brave broswer using English language

Cannot find where to chage time zone

For regional settings you go to your Start Menu → Settings → Time & language → Language & region. It should bring you to something like you see in the screenshot below:

or on Windows 11 would be more like:

You would need to contact Uphold. You can do a Uphold Support Ticket at where you would ask them to update your information from Ukraine to Poland if you have not already done this. You can advise this is because it is your current residence but also because you need them to update so it will show on the API for Brave.

thank you. I’ve sent a request couple of hours ago. hope it will help. thank you

no another issue appeared. please assist

i am trying to create an uphold account but after entering login,password etc. “next” button is inactive.

Sounds like you might be trying to set up with Uphold through Brave. Try creating your account at instead - I think there’s an issue with the Brave link. After you set up your account on the Uphold side, you should be able to come back, connect and log in through Brave.

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