Problem with php session in brave

hello, can someone teach me why this php example script work in all other browser but not in brave?


$counterstand = intval(file_get_contents(“counter.txt”));

file_put_contents(“counter.txt”, $counterstand);

$_SESSION[‘counter_ip’] = true;

echo $counterstand;

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php work in brave browser i personally use brave for run php script

I don’t think it’s a Brave issue :thinking:

this script work in brave 1 times after open browser, than nothing happend

in chrome it work all 10 seconds until browser is open.
i dont understand the problem between 2 browsers

i created a 3sec testfile LINK
test it with chrome and after with brave
cant be testet about 2 hours.

testet all browser i have:
dont work destop brave/mozilla firefox, work with chrome

and work all with same 3 browsers at ios smartphone

dekstop brave dosent delete PHPSESSID when close the browser

thats why example script dont work

is there an option that destop brave browser is still runing in background when its closed?

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