Problem with my Trackpad and Brave

Hi everyone,
I just by a new computeur and i download Brave but my trackpad become f*cking crazy !
When i use it, my pad sensibility is really hight but still good with other app even when i change sensibility in computeur setting
I have a Lenovo ideapad330 with i3 7020U and i have Brave Version 0.70.122
Help me please Brave is good

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in Settings to see if that helps the issue?

Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Hi Mattches,
Thanks for your answer
I just tried and relaunched but nothing…even if i enabled again
I don’t know where it come from but is really irritating

Can you confirm for me that Brave is the only application in which you get this issue? Have you tested this with any other browsers – especially chromium based ones?

yes i’ts only with Brave, i don’t test it with Chromium but with Microsoft Edge

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