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I have registered two YouTube accounts as creator channels at my brave creator account. Every of those have its reflink (see screenshot). The problem is that in the “Referral Graph” doesn’t appear at all the second reflink but only the first(screenshot). While the referrals of both those appear at “Referral Promo Stats” (see screenshot). Could you please check and make possible that at “Referral Graph” appear both reflinks. Needed to track the referrals. But even because something is wrong and needed to be corrected. Thanks.


I believe “Referral Graph” is only showing referral with “stats”.

e.g. you have 2 referral but you only use the first referral. Or users only download Brave from your first referral link (that way, the first link have “stats”).

I’ve more referral links. But only use a few of them. And the rest (unused link) is not shown on Graph – because it have no statistics.

cc @asad @chriscat @steeven for confirmation.

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Thanks for the answer @eljuno

As told in my post I have used both. That’s the reason of this post. At “Referral Promo Stats” are showed both results (as can be seen at screenshot - The 1 number show the first referral of the second reflink). While at “Referral Graph” is showed only the first one (as it is showed at screenshot).

Edit: Today the name of reflink is showed at the needed place at “Referral Graph” but the graphical data not. I will post again if the graphical data will appear.

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