Problem with my brave ads for a while

Hi, i have a problem because i havent recieve ads for lik two months i dont know if it that there is a problem with my configuration or a problem with you, i have active 5 ads per hour so whats happening. please help me understand

Hello @Juanmiguel777

check this one

do you have gaming mouse?
if you using windows 10 does focus assist on?

hope one of those help you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

well thanks, but why is the option of 5 ads and i dont recive any thats what im askin. and i dont have a gaming muose. and what do u mean focus on assist on?

check this for how to disable focus assist

if it was off let me know to ask someone from the team to help you

Please read through our Ads FAQ and troubleshooting docs:

hi, i try them but everything was set on, that doesnt resolve it. the thing its that last month i recive one ad thats all not lije it used to be

hi, i check and it was on, so thats not it but thanks

Focus assist needs to be turned off in order to receive ads.

on ro off cuz in another mail it says on??

ii asked you to turn it off

ok, i turn it off, but i have them on before and last year i recieve ads

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