Problem with my account: Accumulated funds disappeared

Today I reviewed the accumulated funds and I realized that they disappeared, the count of the ads appears intact, but the BAT counter reset to 0. It is the first time that it happens to me. What should I do to restore my earnings?

Hi @foxmulder79 - thanks for posting. Is the BAT from Ads or Referrals?

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Hello @steeven, the same thing happened today on my son’s computer, today, when he entered his browser, the bats of the April ads had disappeared, but I solved it by restoring the wallet. I don’t know if it was the right solution, but after restoring the wallet with the recovery words I got the Bat back.
And so it happened when I started the browser, it told me that I had to activate the rewards and configure a wallet despite having already had my correct configuration and when I did, the bats collected this month were removed and only 4 bats were reflected. It seems to me that it was a bug in this browser version. First time this happens. A new internals Brave setup was created. I hope it’s not a problem receiving the bat pay on May 5.
Edit my post in a better explained way.

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Thanks for answering me quickly steeven, It’s the BAT ads.

Solved !!!
Manage wallet with Brave wallet restore key.
Thanks to my partner @ ragr28


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