Problem with limited for life uphold will there be solution or loss of BAT?

I have the lifetime limit of wallets uphold it means that my BATs are lost … I do not understand why there is such a way if you have to reinstall windows or change phones, how will it be done there will be no solution soon or I lost my bat … nobody give answer

Yeah its a bad method but it was done to prevent people from Gathering a lot of BATs.

And no, your BATs are safe in the device unless you delete the Browser or reinstall Windows.
Gemini is getting introduced next month and it too will have 4-Device Limit so you can use it to withdraw your BATs. Just make sure you add your important devices since it will also have the Lifetime Limit of 4 Devices.

oh so can i pick them up with geminis when i get out? Another question I only have a pc if in any case I have to reinstall, how do I not meet that limit since I only verify a single browser?

You can’t do it… Its sad but true. If you update your OS, it takes away one slot from the 4.

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