Problem with Goggles boost level

So, I have made a goggle for myself and tried a few available goggles via the goggle panel.

What I have found is that Boost=3 is too powerful. As per the docs, boost=10 is the maximum limit but boost=3 is currently doing the job of boost=10.
It is just high powered right now.

If I use like the default Popular HN Sites goggle, and search for brave browser while using this specific goggle, all results are from this particular goggle. Boost=3 should be mixed with non-goggle results for the first 3 results.
Like if I search brave browser, half results should be from the goggle (boost=3) and half should be from non-goggle default results.

If you try using non-default custom goggle’s the results are pretty ridiculous for boost=3. All results are from boost=3.