Problem with extension Chrome


Good afternoon, I’ve been looking at the community guides to install the Chrome extensions in Brave, but I do not get anything.

I have seen other methods by youtube and they have not served me either … the version of my brave is the last update 0.22.714.

Has anyone been able to install any extension in chrome? And could you say, if you have installed it, how to do it well explained please?

Thank you very much for your time and I feel the inconvenience.


Hi @Orlo,

Currently there’s no way to directly install Chrome extension in Brave. This’ll be better in v1.0 when they move to Chromium front-end and have full extension API support. You can read more about it here

However, you can test and sideload the extension with the following instruction. Keep in mind that this one is for testing only, and not a way to add the extension officially. And the extension will be removed when the original extension got updated.

Also, ICYMI, all supported extension is listed under Preferences/Settings > Extensions.

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