Problem with Contribution


I installed on my pc the Brave browser, Version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (32-bit), but I’m trying to make a contribution to a YouTube channel and I do not see that option and that channel if you’re a content editor in Brave


saludos yo tengo problema con mi contribuciòn ya que dice: Siguiente contribución: Atrasado
que debo hacer en ese caso? muy agradecida por el apoyo @Asad @LaurenWags

Contribución: Atrasado

@franaliado do you have auto contribute turned off? if so, that’s probably the culprit. We do have an issue logged for that here: This issue is currently slated to be included in our next release. However, if you do have a-c enabled, you might be encountering this issue which we are still investigating:

@chichufley I responded to you here


greetings here I send image and apart from the payment in arrears I can not update the browser.

Libre de virus.


@chichufley could you elaborate on what you mean when you say


is that I get an ad to update the browser to a newer version but can not download the new version.

@Asad @LaurenWags

Libre de virus.


@Asad @LaurenWags saludos espero me pueda ayudar aun sigo con lo de la contribucion en atrasado y la otra pregunta es que no puedo actualizar el navegador como se muestra en la imagen, espero me ayuden en esa dos situaciones, muchas gracias

Libre de virus.

greetings I hope you can help I continue with the contribution in arrears and the other question is that I can not update the browser as shown in the image, I hope they help in these two situations, thank you very much


@chichufley so what happens when you click on the ‘Download Now’ button in the banner?