Problem with claiming BAT on windows

I can’t claim BAT on my Brave Browser on PC.When I click on claim then it takes me to the part where I need to confirm that I’m human by dragging the triangle in told shape.I do that but it says its not correct,which it is.I tried restarting my browser,my PC,my brave browser is updated I ran a safety check but nothing helps.Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

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zoom out and try it’ll work


Thank you,I will try that

I have same issue. It is showing not quite. I have tried many times but same thing was happening

This worked for me. Thank you!

I have had the same exact problem.

I tried this, but still had to do it at least 5 times before it worked. This human confirming tool is highly defective.

Thank you,this worked when I zoomed out to 90%

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