Problem with bat rewards

I got this problem with my Brave rewards last month (March) in the last days of the month, my rewars got stuck and didn’t change anymore, and shows me diferents amounts between my front page and the rewards page, and when the month finish it didn’t give my rewards complete only 1,03BAT the complete amount fron last month was 4,107BAT and got stuck my income and i don’t Know what to do, it says that my income will be deposite in 5 days but what happen with full amount from last month and how do i know how much i got this month if i cant see the BAT from this month only 0,612BAT that shows there doesn’t change. ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE.

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Click on the Triangle on the top, and send screenshot.

Thats part of the problem the last month stuck the bat 4,107 and my incomes it’s only 1,03 and the triangle says this.

Thats part of the problem the last month stuck the bat 4,107 and my incomes it’s only 1,03 and the triangle says this.


Send a direct message to a moderator @Mattches or @steeven for your issue.

i did send the message to @Mattches and @steeven, but i didn’t got answer for my problem and my web browser still got that bug, that doesn’t shows me the BAT from this month and still have the BAT from last month in the screen. but my android its working fine but doesn’t have the same amount of BAT…


They are certainly very busy.

When you contact one of them, provide him with the following info:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .

Keep info private, do not make it public.

Hey CerealLover,

It appears I have the same issue as well. Will it be fixed automatically or do I need to send a message to Mattches and steeven as well?
Example 1

But my Estimated earnings do change when I press on the ads. The full amount of March 2022 is not being sent to my wallet though. It appears to only send a part of it.



Yes you can. They are moderators who can check your accounts and answer these issues.

Ok, I will send them a message. Thanks for the help so far.

We are currently investigating an issue regarding estimated earnings that we hope to have more information about soon. However, in @Barney12’s case, as you can see, the Estimated Earnings are showing what you’ve earned so far in the month listed. So in this case, sense the payment period has rolled over, Estimated Earnings shown are now April, of which we are only in the 4th day.

Having the same issue… did anyone find a resolution?

To email a real person and submit a request go here…

same bro, i only received 0.25 BAT instead of 2.022 BAT

around 500k visitors a month can make you up to 25k$$$$$ a month just on clicks plus commissions on products sold memberships etc… brave is making a killing with us clicking their ads yet dont invest on their infrastructure specifically on the payout system what a coincidence they make money and pay us with they home made token its like if you work for someone and they pay you with monopoly money…/… or someothing they just print out on their home printer//////


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why does that guy steeven keep closing conversations on rewards with an issue resolved note at the end hes just shutting down dialog super sketch disappointed on brave i loved this browser cant say i do any more :’(

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same here there’s something wrong with the brave rewards since the beginning of this year I really don’t know what’s going on tbh

same, only got 0,250 instead of 2,077

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