Problem UpHold offer account

Hello Brave Cummnity !

I know you are not Uphold, but I allow myself to ask you this question if one of you has already had this problem ? because the uphold service has given me no response for 1 month except the message from a bot at the beginning of my request…

To explain my request, I received this message from uphold 1 month ago :

" We can’t continue to offer you an account

We’re sorry for the trouble but we sometimes have to make difficult decisions based on the available information.

Don’t worry, your funds are safe and we’ll be in touch about handling any available balance. "

Since my account is blocked, so I can’t transfer my BAT to the wallet, my uphold account was verified 1 year ago without worries, and now, they tell me the opposite… (and obviously I didn’t no illicit activity because I just use it to transfer my BAT from my browser)

Sorry for my english and for this topic which should concern Uphold, but their support seems non-existent, someone tighten what I should do please ?

Cordially. Laurent

If you are using an android or iOS platform,then contact uphold support through uphold app. Uphold App provides live chat support to help resolve your issue…

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I can’t log in to my uphold account, i have just a login page, before they block with the message quoted in my first post, so I don’t have any access to this live chat …

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Try contacting them using another operating uphold account (maybe any of your friends or relatives ). Or try reading their Terms of Service and check whether you have violated any of them. Also, send them a mail from registered email id asking for the reason why the suspended their account.

It may be due to the country you are in. Where are you from?

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To ezioaldetore :
I reading their Terms of ServiceI and I don’t think I violated any rules (i just use it to transfer my bat…) and I’ve already made several tickets (4) but I got no response even to tell me to wait again, as if he there was nobody…

To Herrvader :
I live in france

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