PROBLEM: The message that detects the blocking of ads returns to the web

A few months ago I reported this problem on some Spanish websites where a message appears that detects ad blocking software.

You are seeing this message because ad or script blocking software is interfering with this page.

Disable any ad or script blocking software, then reload this page.

The problem has been solved, but it has returned again on the following websites:

On the website, the news links do not work in Brave when you click on them. Let’s see if you can correct it too.

Please correct it. Thank you.

Rolled out a couple of fixes, Fixing the yellowbar antiad warning and unclickable links.

Give it 24-48hrs for the fixes to roll out.


I wrote about it here:

There are more websites with this problem apart Ensaladilla said…
For example:

On the website the message continues to appear, on the other websites it has been solved.

Thanks @Ensaladilla have rolled an updated patch (specifically for that site)


In my case, checking all this websites, the problem remains too in this other one too ;

Okay, updated the fix for thanks.

Give it 24-48hrs.

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Users of the Forocoches community have reported that the problem persists in the Android version. I have entered from Android with Brave and it is true, the problem in mobile versions continues to appear on all those websites. A greeting.


Solved in all websites in the PC version. Thanks

Not solved

Thanks for the report, issued a fix


The problem continues on all the websites mentioned for mobile versions such as Android.


The problem continues in the Android version. A greeting. Thanks for your time.

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