Problem tagging people on Facebook

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Description of the issue:
If, using the mobile app for Brave, I try to tag someone on Facebook, eg, “John doe”, the page will highlight his name as expected, until I hit the spacebar after “doe”. “John doe” then immediately turns into “John dodoe” and the tag is lost. It is a consistent pattern, with any name, the first two letters of the second name are repeated. This does not happen on my Brave desktop browser.

How can this issue be reproduced? - see above.

Otherwise sorry, you tell me. I don’t know if this is a Brave, farcebook or android issue - I’m just looking for a starting point…

Expected result:

Brave Version - android version 1.18.77

Mobile Device details - OnePlus 6T, model no. A6013, android 10, oxygenOS v.10.3.7

As far as I understand, my OS and Brave app are both up to date. Problem is very specific eg, this phone, doing this specific thing on this specific website; I have no other issues whatsoever. TIA

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