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My last payment was in March… I was patient 3 months, then I contacted the moderator Steeve (as requested in the dedicated topic) … After 2 messages received, 1 to ask me for information, the 2nd to tell me to wait (again. …) … We are now 45 days later (5 months after my last payment), the conversation with the moderator has disappeared and the topic is locked … Thank you … I will now do bad publicity for this program. Cheers!



Friend, the moderators only make a fool of themselves asking for information so that after receiving it, stop answering the topics or close them, it is unfortunate but brave, it is already in a tailspin.


Looks like this censoring/hiding approach is quite common in this forum. Not only I saw comments that were similar but it also happened to me.

Should we trust our money in a company like this?

There are also a few actions shown by the company behind Brave that are quite controversial, such as when they went after a fork of the browser and the Affiliate Link novel.


Posts that were marked unlisted were generally due to the fact that either:

  • They contained private/sensitive information on it
  • Contained instructions that are no longer valid and have been unlisted to prevent further circulation

We are presently not only fixing some pressing Rewards issue, but also implementing a more streamlined way for users to submit issues related to ads/rewards specifically for a more organized and straightforward support process.

Closing a non-solved without adding the reason is really bad communication. It looks arbitrary censoring.

Should I open a new one then? I mean my problem wasn’t resolved.

From my point of view you moderators just tried to hide a problem that is not solved since April 2020.

EDIT: My issue was solved by @steeven


ok let us agree about the unlist thing but what about asking for info in dm then not replay to the dm


@justsomeone1 - thank you for your patience. Please see our DM, I’ve just resolved your issue. Thank you again.

you welcome @steeven and i already did and replied to it thanks again for your help and hope you do not get sad that maybe i get emotional
thanks again and have a nice day

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Ok, i am the only one in this topic with a non-solved issue… Cool
5 months of patience… With luck, I will receive my 309 BAT in 2021.
Should we bombard moderators with messages to see the problem solved? I have the impression that yes …


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I keep having webpages that will not function properly if I’m in Brave. It is getting so that I’m decidedly against trusting Brave with any of my real money. I may end up 86ing the browser entirely. I’m taking University courses online, and when Brave browser acts up the text disappears and more. I have VPN and TOR, so I’m wondering what I need with Brave.


yeah im same now, something is going on , ive been verified since early 2019 but this past month ive had 2-3 ads a day, if that, even though im set to 5 an hour, i spend a lot of time at pc, i have a funny feeling where seeing a google-esque attitude sneeking in at brave hq, in this age of tech been divisive im not prepared to put up with it at all…


I am finding this hard on my computer, nothing syncs with uphold and support is pretty much non-existent in regards to ads shown or referrals.

As an ad buyer/ investor too, I see various flaws. Is there something I am missing out upon?

Why does support not answer?

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not only you … many publisher not get paid in July … and them awaiting payment on 8 august …


Perhaps @brave can answer or via blogs/ Linkedin? It’s just odd/

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All the ads shown in my browser since 1 month were not credited to my pending balance…

@BitB - please DM. Thank you.

@steeven Hello. I sent you a DM. Now, about my last comment, 6 BAT were credited to my pending balance today.

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