Problem solved. thanks brave

yes Bat amount I earned in March has been sent to my wallet. So thank you very much to the team. I will continue to use Brave to the fullest and recommend it to my friends.
@Mattches @steeven

I guess that with the more users they are simply unable to pay out.
Everyone is asking the same, the few answers i’ve read are about some problems that have been detected. I now get fewer ads close to none guess why.

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I should get 3.4 bat march payout but they sent only 0.4

:point_up_2: This my april earnings i hope that i get this next month :weary::weary:

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:pray: :pray:

the Browser is fantastic i have to admit . The only thing that annoys me and probably the rest of the users are these false promises regarding the BATs…if you can’t pay them then don’t promise them.


Hi @ulaskan, please see our DM. I’ve resolved your issue manually.

I strongly recommend that you delete your Wallet ID’s from this public thread.

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yes and my problem is solved. Thank you very much to the team. :pray: :pray:

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