Problem signing in to Readlang (extension)

I installed the “Readlang” extension on the browser yesterday, and I can’t log into it with my Google account. Every time I try to do so, I select my Google account, a “A moment please” window pops up, and then I’m simply not signed in. I’ve heard that there are cookies that make it possible for third-party websites to keep yourself logged into their services, and Brave might interfere with those cookies. All of this considered, is there a way to make this work? I have already tried to disable blocking of cookies, trackers and ads for the website linked to the extension, but that hasn’t worked at all so far. Could you please help me?

Go to the site that you want to read like (not
Click on the shield, don’t turn the shield off, you can leave it on, just allow all cookies.
Readlang will now work. It needs cross-site cookies to work.

It worked! Thanks a lot!!

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