Problem processing contribution

#1 of the friends of mine tried to tip me. he did it perfectly ok.
but after a month i did not get it :frowning:
he opened his brave browser and he got a Notifcication on small red triagle
the massage was (there was a problem processing you contribution)
can you make me clear what is it ?
i have to say that he was sure that the internet works perfectly on that time and even he saw the history Trasaction was saccesfull
THanks IN advance


@aroos Thanks for reaching out! Would like to know a few details.
Can you let us know on which version are you seeing this issue?

In past, few users reported this issue. Fix is already in release version. This was the fix for there was a problem processing your contribution

Can you navigate to brave://settings/help and check the brave version and send it across.



HI @gsarvadnya Thanks for answering .my friend balance is 0 and my balance is 0 !!!
just help me to understand that how it is possible
where the coins are ? its empty in both side !!!


@Asad Could you assist the user?

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Hi there, your friend must have a publishers account setup and a linked + verified Uphold account in order to be paid out.

The bug above is a known issue right now and we are working on a fix. Clearing the browser cache may help.


HI. i think you don’t get my point.i wanna know where the coin is?
because of there is nothing in both side . are they gone ? are they back ? @Asad

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