Problem in the 2 Factor reset

I have applied to reset my 2-factor authentication
It has passed 2 days already but now, instead of reducing the time to complete the reset is increasing even more. The two days should be completed at 3pm but then it said 1 hour left, 2 hours left, now it says 4 hours left.

cc @cory @steeven for assistance here

Hi @Javixe - please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

Hey Steeven,

please check your DM from me it’s very important!

Hi, I just cancelled and tried again with the 2F removing and now I can log in again, thanks.
But, my referall link is the same?

two friends of mine used my refered link last week and are using Brave but the referral stats keeps in 0 in all the stats

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