Problem in Facebook

Using my computer,
I’m trying to “drag and drop” or to attach a jpg image. I get an error !!
With the Chrome (Google) browser or other, it works OK with the same image !

Just tested this on desktop (facebook drag/drop tested), Got a preview image also. Can you try log out of facebook then re-login. and re-test it?

Thank you !!
I had removed and reinstalled BRAVE and it work ok now !!!

Thanx for the advice. I had removed and reinstalled BRAVE and now is working fine !

Hello again !

Yesterday, after I had removed and reload the BRAVE browser, it worked OK,

Today again the same problem: I cannot “drag and drop” or attach an image on Facebook.

On other browsers it is working fine.

Here is the message I get.


Does turning off shields help?

:+1::smiley:YES !! shields on - cannot drop image. shields off - it is OK
Thank you again !!

Alternatively, try disable certain options of Shields? Would be interested on the Sheild setting causing the issue @tuvia

Yes. Becouse on the other computer the shields are on and I can drop images.

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