Problem hitting NAS IP address

If I look to navigate to the IP address of my NAS ( or Plex TV UI (, I get a:

This page isn’t working
192.168.1.xx is currently unable to handle this request.

Error using Brave Beta on the Mac. The release version of Brave works fine. I’ve cleared the caches / cookies etc, no difference.

Any ideas as to how to fix the problem?

A bit hard to troubleshoot, can you try a new profile? does Brave Nightly do the same thing?

Thanks for coming back to me. A new profile didn’t help. The good news is though that the nightly build seems to be working fine without the problem.

under the Console (f12), does Brave release vs Nightly show any error messages?

There were no errors in the nightly, the beta version has in there:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 (Bad Gateway)

Alas I’ve now looked to access the pages in the Nightly and that is now showing the same problem…

Okay investigations… Thinks on extensions … On the nightly I’ve added those pages into the AdGuard VPN exceptions list and they are now working. I’ve done the same on the beta and both the Beta and the Nightly are now working.

So sorry for the false problem report guys :slight_smile:

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