Problem connecting Gemini to Brave Rewards

Forgive me if this has been dealt with, but nothing I read addresses the issue directly (other than a thread that was unresolved but closed). As someone wrote in Oct of 2023:

I keep getting this message every time I try and link my gemini thru brave on my desktop

Your request is still being processed, please wait.

Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.

Try again

I’m having the same problem. Sadly this doesn’t feel like it’s working out too well. I’m hoping this gets addressed so I can continue to have a positive view of Brave.


@nyinjewn let me just clarify, are you trying to connect a new profile/device or is this just trying to reconnect (log in) on a profile that has long been connected to Gemini?

The reason for my asking is that new connections to Gemini are no longer possible and have not been possible for quit some time.


Instead it’s pretty much just been making everyone use Uphold. And they are gradually making on chain payments available, as you can read about at

Apologies, I did know about that. It’s a profile and device long connected to Gemini. Nothing new.

I’d recommend you create a Rewards Support Ticket at just so they can look into it a bit with you. Just so you know, you should still be connected on the back end as long as you don’t uninstall the device or delete your profile, seeing as you’ve said this had been linked long ago.

What I’m guessing you’re seeing is that roughly every 90 days, give or take, we tend to get logged out through the Rewards widget. This just prevents the browser from disclosing what BAT balance you have in Gemini (or whichever custodial partner) and also would restrict the ability to send tips. It should have no impact on us earning and receiving payouts. Regardless, it’s always good to bring it to Brave’s attention as you are.

I’ll do that — thank you!

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