Problem capturing a 'tweetstorm'

> I’ve been using Fireshot 25 recently. (What's a full-webpage screen capture add-on that works well with BRAVE?)

@mattches There seems to be a problem trying to use ‘screen capture’ apps (or at least Fireshot) to capture a tweetstorm.

‘Full page’ doesn’t appear to work (which makes sense because how could Fireshot figure out what the ‘page’ is?) and it also doesn’t appear that ‘capture selection’ can used for that particular purpose because the tweet series doesn’t scroll as you drag the cursor, so you can’t see where to end the selection.

Do you know any other way of screen capturing a long series of tweets?


This isn’t an issue specific to Brave or Fireshot – it seems to be an issue with Twitter itself. I’m getting the same results in Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi browsers. My guess is that the feed (Tweets) only load in the visible portion of the screen. When Fireshot goes to capture the page, it auto scrolls from the top of the site to the bottom, but the focus (that is, where you are on the page) never changes, so only those [visible] tweets are loaded and subsequently captured.

For example, if you have a Twitter feed with 150 replies and you scroll to the very bottom, the extension will capture the page as all black except for the last tweets in the feed. Similarly, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the feed, then scroll back up to the middle, the extension will only capture the “middle” tweets that you’re viewing, with “blank” space above and below them.

@mattches Thanks. I assume you’re referring to trying to do a ‘full page’ capture.

When that didn’t work I tried ‘Capture selection.’ That does work, but because the tweets don’t scroll in a screen capture (whether using the Mac OS screenshot function or Fireshot) you can’t see what you’re selecting, and therefore have no way of controlling the end point of the selection.

I just kept dragging blind and actually got pretty close to what I wanted just by guessing. But that was sheer luck. I was hoping for a way to control the capture range from start-to-finish. It looks like there may not be one (with tweets).

While this is true for Fireshot, there are other full page screen capture extensions that will work. For example, I just tried the Full Page Screen Capture extension on Twitter and it worked like a charm:

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@mattches Thanks, I’ll try that one.

But on Twitter how does the app know what a ‘page’ is, since in typical circumstances a Twitter timeline has no defined end?

E.g., if you pull up a tweet that begins a 20-tweet storm, and the last tweet is then followed by replies from others, how does the extension know where the ‘full page’ ends?

Or do you mean you did it as a ‘selection’ and the timeline scrolled to the desired endpoint?

The extension will screen capture anything on the page starting at the top, to the lowest possible loaded section of the site.
If you click on a Tweet that has 80 replies on it, as you’re scrolling through, you’ll eventually see the option to “See more replies”. If you screen cap before hitting that button, the extension will grab everything up to (or I guess down to in this case?) that point, where it will register that as the end.

To get it to cap all 80 replies, you’ll have to click the “See more replies” button and scroll down until you’ve reached the last comment. Then, all comments are loaded and the extension will work its way from top to bottom.

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OK thanks again, but if I understand correctly, you still aren’t able to actually define the endpoint (if you want a limited range of tweets), correct?

That is, you either get everything up to the endpoint of what’s currently loaded, or you keep responding to however many “See more replies” prompts you choose to, and only then execute the capture. But only those two options.

If there was a series of 30 tweets you wanted to screen capture, but that series was followed by 50 other tweets in the timeline (as currently loaded) that you didn’t want included, you wouldn’t be able to have the capture truncate those unwanted tweets. Right?

I believe that is correct – it would be cool/nice if there were a “marker” feature of sorts, where you could simply click and insert a start point and end point to be captured, then initiate the screen cap sequence.

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Sure would.

Or if the screen capture would scroll the timeline exactly the way it normally does when you drag down it with a mouse, and execute based on the selection up to the point where you release the mouse button.

That would do it, too.


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