Problem Brave & Uphold

désolé d’avance si je fais un double post.

Je viens vers vous car j’ai amassé sur mon compte “Brave Creator” quelques BATs (par le biais des pourboires), en revanche il ne remontent pas sur mon portefeuille Uphold…

Que dois-je faire pour pouvoir par exemple mettre ces BAT sur mon ledger ?
Est-ce possible déjà ?
Comment puis-je les déplacer ? ou les convertir en euros ?

Je vos joints les captures d’écrans qui pourront peut-être vous aider à m’aider pour mon soucis.



J’espère que la communauté pourra m’apporter de l’aide.
D’avance merci.

sorry in advance if I do a double post.

I’m coming to you because I’ve amassed a few BATs (on the tips) on my “Brave Creator” account, but they do not go back to my Uphold wallet …

What should I do for example to put these BAT on my ledger?
Is it possible already?
How can I move them? or convert them to euros?

I attach your screenshots that may help you to help me with my worries.

I hope the community can help me.
Thanks in advance.

@CryptomaniacFr like shown on your screenshot, next payout date – when the BAT moved from your creator account to your Uphold wallet – is Sept 8th.

Publishers payout is happens around 8th, every month, US time zone and the process is happens automatically, so there’s no extra steps required.

Hope that make it clear for you.

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Good evening,
Thank you for your answer, it’s clearer now.
I will wait until September 8th.
Thank you for that clarification.

(if this post is a duplicate, you can delete it)

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