Problem brave rewards not increasing 5.9BAT 1.48 USD lately when I saw its 1.49 then its getting back to 1.48

Brave capture I notice that my brave rewards is not increasing Its happened when I installed crypto tab. My Brave rewards is not increasing its stuck in 1.48

Hi @henrysimon1988,

The USD value of BAT fluctuates, meaning the value of 1 BAT will vary over time. Here is a chart for the last 24 hours:

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Thank you for the information Ironman70 however if its still not increasing should I reinstall the brave application may I know if I will lose the data or rewards that I have?


If you re-install the browser, you will lose your BAT. If you are getting ads, but your BAT is not increasing, then send a to the MEGATHREAD for support:

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Thanks for the answer ironman70 however I already reinstall the brave browser and its working fine because I already notice that the bat increase every time I click the advertisement.

Just to don’t let you go with the wrong idea. On desktop you can recover your BAT using your seed phrase, on mobile you can’t, the only way to secure your BAT is sync with Uphold.


That’s great @henrysimon1988, glad to hear you are getting BAT again.
Thank you @ambrocioisaias2808 for the extra information.

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