Problem brave payment. BAT dissapear

hi community brave.

I wanted to ask you that in my brave profile there were 5.50 BATS in payment process with message:
“stay tuned, soon you will have your BATS for the month of February”. and last night that sign disappeared, and I don’t see my bats to claim, I don’t see them in the browser and I don’t see it in the gemini wallet either.

what could be the problem?

Yes, it disappeared for me too. What tends to happen is that banner is tracking the status as we can see at Ads Payout Status Update

If our payments have been sent to Gemini or Uphold, then Brave has finished things on their end and it should show up soon. However, Gemini and Uphold can take a few days as well. They are receiving vBAT and have to convert that to BAT, then put it into our account. If you give it a few days, it should appear.

Same thing with me , watching it every day lol first XP with this so I was very interested in how long it took. But suddenly they were gone as of last night and progress is at 55% (using uphold)

lol, good to do as a learning experience. I’ve been using Brave for several years now, so I’m kind of used to it. There are some months where you receive payment right away. Yet then are months where they make you worry and panic, where payments don’t arrive until like the 18th or so of the month, or a little later. I’ve learned to adapt and just assume I’ll get paid. If a whole month passes and I don’t receive anything (don’t think ever happened for me, but maybe once?) then I contact Brave and figure it out. They’ve been good on correcting stuff and sending. Heck, even have received increased BAT because of issues before.

As for this month, I actually received more than I was supposed to. The banner told me I’d be receiving a little over 2 BAT or whatever (I forget the amount). Yet just today I got a notice, You received 7.965495790341814272 BAT from Brave Software International.

Like I said, Brave has always done good by Users. The bonuses aren’t always guaranteed but if they see people having issues and being patient, they usually do well to make it up to you. And as this shows, there’s no guarantee there wont be issues. But I’ve just not ever seen things go unresolved so long as people reach out properly and are patient.

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oh yeah for sure . I mean its 55% wouldn’t even start to think anything till it it reach 100% and even then I’d be sure to give it a little more time. Its the not really knowing what to expect you can’t really know if something is wrong. Lots of people would assume its a problem with the software but me I’d think it might have been something I didn’t do right. I’m a very patient and understanding kinda dude lol. Thanks for your feedback!

Just thought I’d update. The bat was deposited last night. :star_struck:
Pretty cool first experience I must say.

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You are counted in 65% while my device and Pc both are counted in rest 45% (unpaid).

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goys, i lost 4.2 BAT, just dissapear, who is responsible for this problem?

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