Problem: Aw snap!


In portrait mode, when I close an open tab, the other open tab displays an Aw snap message. It didn’t happened before in landscape mode on my Lenovo B6000F (Jellybean 4.2.2) tablet. I was commenting on Braves website when this happened, but of course this can happen on any website. Im now using Brave version 1.0.30.


Hi @android_sapien

You mentioned that this happens in portrait mode, it doesn’t happen in landscape?

Also, is it only a certain site that seems to be doing this? If so, could you share the site and your site settings?



Hi, the problem also appears in landscape mode now. It happened on a few sites using default settings for All sites. I think its the auto rotate feature of the tablet. Browser also crashed and all the tabs disappeared. When I tapped the screen, Brave showed the images for about a second before showing the error again. I had to restart the app. It also freezes when I have about 15+ tabs open with screen rotation locked in landscape.


do you experience the issue yet?

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