Problem : autoswitching to Qwant lite



Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing some kind of bug with Brave Dev.
I have Qwant as my default search engine (of course) but the problem is that when i do a research and it enter. It appears that brave load Qwant lite ( instead of Qwant full version (

What’s the problem ?
Thanks in advance !


@rficasa, thanks for reaching out!

Can you tell me what your Brave Dev version number is? If it’s fully updated, it should be at v0.58.9 (as of writing this reply).
I was able to set my default search to Qwant and queries were directed to the appropriate Qwant engine:


my version is : Version 0.58.9 Chromium: 71.0.3578.53 (Build officiel) dev (64 bits)

do i have to make a clean uninstall and reinstall to see ?


You shouldn’t have to. What OS are you using?
Also, can I see a screenshot (or recording, LICEcap is good for this) of the search results appearing in Qwant Lite?

Additionally, can I see your currently managed search engines - or at least the Qwant listing in that section:


im using W10.
Here u have the screen capture of default engine : qwant
And the gif for “hello world” search. U will clearly see that it switch for no reason xD


That’s pretty strange…
I’ll have to ask around for more info on why this may be happening. In the meantime, try typing into the address bar, then hit Tab, then your search.

Does this method still return Qwant Lite results?


OHHHHH it works with the “tab thing”.

ok ok ok ok
it dubugged all of it ! Now it shows me full qwant result anytime !

So yeah pretty strange bug.

Thanks for the patch :slight_smile:


Strange indeed, thanks for bringing it to our attention!
I’ll make sure the appropriate team members are aware of it.
Glad you got it worked out!