Private window with Tor

Hi and thanks for you work.

Unfortunately can confirm that neither the component update nor using the hamburger menu resolve the issue–at least for this Mac user. ;-|

Brave 1.2.43 Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision e22de67c28798d98833a7137c0e22876237fc40a-refs/branch-heads/3945@{#1047}
OS macOS Version 10.12.6 (Build 16G2136)

Same problem here, still no solution?
Something gots wrong with Tor, i didnt made any update or changes from the system or at the brave browser. ? Where does this the issue come from?
The whole thing seems pretty strange.

Does the developper from Brave Browser gave any statement since this issue didnt get solved?

All quiet for almost 24 hrs, perhaps looking into it for us?


Have same problem. Was working (PW w Tor) then for some reason stopped. Tried booted from another Disk and same problem. But it still works on a MacBook (different ver of OS). Even tried removing Brave and installing again.

Why has Akismet hidden my post, surely this bug needs sorting, many users are having the same issues?

Seems Tor Component is up to date. Issue persists.
Brave Tor Client Updater (Mac) - Version: 1.0.8

Although everything up to date in Windows 10 on PC, I still have no access to a private window with Tor and nothing seems to be being done about it.

Very disappointing!


I am having the exact same issue on a mac.

Macbook Pro 2010
Running High Sierra
All Brave components up to date.

Window with Tor used to work perfectly and suddenly stopped working. Brave what’s the update on resolving this?

Seems it doesn’t matter whether you’re a PC or Mac user, the issues with Tor are the same, i.e. it doesn’t work!


For anyone here still experiencing this issue, can you tell me if you have any anti-virus software running on your system? If so, which one(s)?

I use Panda Dome. But why should that suddenly affect the Tor element when it’s been working with exactly the same software and settings previously?


I also often have this message. Sometimes TOR works and in a moment it doesn’t work. It can turn on and off every few minutes. I can’t actually use this function because of its instability.

I’ve only been using Brave since version 43, now I have 115, but it works the same.

I don’t use PROXY. I only use Windows Defender as an anti-virus and system firewall (Win 8.1).

Sierra 10.12.6 using Intego Virus Barrier 10.9.23 (& Net Barrier 10.9.10)
Brave and Tor are pretty much whitelisted, as has always been the case.


FYI: Have also tried a Beta release (fail) and the official release I downloaded in early December '19 (fail).

Same problem here and I see the same as the original post above. Have tried many things. Could it be my ISP blocking this? I am using Frontier. Brave without Tor works fine. Used to work fine and then stopped. Any solutions to this?

Same issue here. PW Tor has worked until yesterday, until I restarted my Mac (I don’t do that often) so updates applied. On first start of the private window I also had some kind of error message but did not take a screenshot, although I think its the same as posted above in this thread.

It is not an ISP/Tor issue (classic Tor Browser works).

That is why I hate autoupdates :frowning:

I’d like to try rolling back my Brave version. How do I do that?

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That would seem to be the OPTIMAL FIX:

A _ R O L L _ B A C K (but is it possible? A nice “How-To” would be appreciated)

Definitely a MAC (Apple) issue with the recent BRAVE UPDATE (1.3.115) (my Windows 10 machine with 1.3.115, Tor works fine . . .)

Hopefully Brave DevOps is on it. As far as I can determine, there hasn’t been any acknowledgement that this is an issue

Caveat: Since I am N00B, please allow me to emphasize “As far as ‘I’ can determine”)


UPDATE: From GitHub ISSUE# 8129
Contributor JUMDE (
VP of Engineering @BRAVE BSCLIFTON are on it: (

Another Brave Community Link on the issue:

I’m still having the same issues with Tor not working on my Win10 machine, which is the reason I started this thread in the first place. The fact that it also affects Mac users is significant, but I’m perplexed that some say their Win10 machines are fine.

Although I made sure everything was updated before I tried Tor again, I don’t seem to have the 1.3.115 update referred to below.