Private TOR window preempts opening other window types?


It seems that a Private TOR window can’t be opened without first opening a regular or standard private window first.

And that once a Private TOR window is opened the standard New Window option opens a Private TOR window (only option).

Is that the intended behavior?

– i.e., that once you go to a TOR window other window types are no longer available?

(This is re the standard release version on a Mac, OS 10.13.5 / High Sierra.)



Hi @mk7z, it should be working to open another type of window (normal, private or private with Tor).

Did you not see the option under Hamburger menu at upper right? Under the option under “File” menu?

Cmd + N should open new normal window too



Thanks. When I’m in BRAVE (standard version) with no windows open, the options from the dropdown are New Window and New Private Window.

There isn’t a hamburger button on the upper right (there is in the Dev version), but the button that’s there (white arrow in green circle) seems to be the equivalent.

However, except for the first time I go to that menu (in which case it displays the options you referred to) the only options are New Window or New Tor Identity.

Either way, when I try to use that menu the window opens in the Dev version (which I also have open).

I’m able to confirm that by checking the Window dropdown right after I do that, which displays my Dev windows. When I check the Window menu in the Standard version, there are no windows shown as open.

I’m still trying to figure out why that’s happening.



cc @Mattches for additional help because I don’t use macOS. :wink:

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Hi @mk7z and @Mattches I can’t answer your other question but regarding your first question, wasn’t a parity made of Support jump lists to include the following list in Brave-Core? I’m not using it in Win10 or MacOS, so I couldn’t tell.

  • New Window
  • New Private Window
  • New Private Window with Tor Window


Here’s the situation:
Opening a Private Window w/Tor - Right now, you’re unable to launch a tor window from the get-go. We have an issue to add this option to the context menu in future updates. The one exception is editing file paths to launch with flags (note: I’m actually not sure how to do this in macOS or if you can - you may need to do it strictly from Terminal).

For example, on Windows, if you navigate to your Brave shortcut, right-click --> Properties --> Target, you’ll see a path string like: "users/some/path/to/the/shortcut/brave.exe"
If you append --incognito to the path, every time you use that shortcut, Brave will launch in a private window.

:point_up: This is what it looks like when Brave has an update ready for you. It will display as that green arrow until the browser is update, at which point it will revert to the “hamburger” menu:

You should see the option for all window types there:

Edit: Forgot to answer your original question - I believe its for security reasons that you open a new Tor window instead of standard window while inside private w/tor. Much of the goal with Tor and Private windows is to ensure that Private, Private w/Tor, and standard windows are all easily distinguishable and don’t get mistaken for one another.



@Mattches Thanks.

I see the hamburger menu once a New Window or Private Window is already open & can then select a Private Tor Window.

However, after that the only relevant options the hamburger menu displays are ‘New Tor Identity’ and ‘New Window’ (the latter really meaning a Tor window, as there’s apparently no option to open any other kind of window).

So I’m still not sure how to open a regular (not private) window once a Tor window is open. Every option I’ve tried opens a Tor window.… Or in the last paragraph of your reply did you mean to say that can’t be done once a Tor window has been opened?

I’d be interested in a command line that opens a Tor window in BRAVE (standard release). Can you (or a macOS person there, if there is one) determine what that command would be in Mac Terminal?



:point_up: This addresses why we do it this way.
We also have an issue open for adding a terminal command for opening w/Tor:

(note the “workaround” at the bottom as well)



Much of the goal with Tor and Private windows is to ensure that **Private, Private w/Tor, and standard windows are all easily distinguishable and don’t get mistaken for one another.**

Thanks but are you confirming that once a Private TOR window is open no other type of window can be opened?

If not, those options (i.e., all 3 window ‘types’) only appear in the hamburger menu until a Private TOR window has been opened.

If so, I don’t see why people can’t be expected to just look up at the top of their screens to know whether they’re in a standard window (which at least in its vanilla default mode wouldn’t be dark) or a Private or Private TOR window. The latter two can be distinguished by whether “TOR” appears or not.



Because when it comes to privacy and maintaining data integrity - whether it be on from a bad actor online or more on the personal/tangible/physical side of things (such as someone looking over your shoulder, checking your history, logging onto your machine, etc) - measures need to be taken for as many points of failure as possible.

Yes, to you (and me, and likely many other users), it seems obvious that one window is Private because it’s purple, one window is Private w/Tor because Tor is denoted in the window, and anything else is a standard window. But consider:

  • New users who are unfamiliar with the difference between the three (private vs private w/tor in particular) who may be getting different privacy results based on the window their opening. Forcing all three of these windows to be separate helps enforce the idea that they’re used for different purposes.
  • Probably most importantly - people make mistakes all the time. It seems like its not a big deal now, but how big of a deal is it when you’re browsing using Private w/Tor (for example) and you accidentally open a new standard window instead?_ Maybe you notice what you did right away, maybe you don’t. But the fact that one click could be the difference between exposing [that browsing data you didn’t want anyone to see or know about] to your public profile.
    It’s (part of) the same reason Private Tabs are now Private Windows. It was/is extremely easy to mix the two up or at the very least it increases the potential for user error (with respect to the issue at hand).

In short, it’s a way for us to help ensure that your data stays safe and is only exposed where you want it to be.



OK thanks. If I’m able to figure out command line access to a Private TOR window (via Terminal), will that affect this particular issue – i.e., will I be able to mix window types in the browser, or will the same conditions apply?

To put it another way, with a Private TOR window open will there be a way to open a standard window via the command line?


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