Private Tab session websites appearing in Home Page Thumbs on general tabs


I’ve noticed when using a ‘Private Tab’ that the websites visted appear in the home page thumbs of my other window (not a private session). Is this by design?


Hi @wolffenheisen

I’m unable to reproduce this, could you provide some additional information such as your Brave and OS versions and steps to reproduce? A screen recording might also be helpful - you can use licecap to record a gif, it’s free -



Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your reply. I was prompted to update Brave this morning and since doing so, I’m also unable to reproduce the issue.
Seems like the issue is no longer occurring since version 0.22.721
Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1480)



Thanks for reporting back! I’m going to close out this thread, but if you come across this issue again, or any others, please do open a new one.


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