Private tab not opening Bug

Description of the issue:
When you try to to open new private tab it won’t open. If the normal tab is active.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. First create some tab with random websites.
  2. Then open a normal tab and leave it as empty tab.
  3. Now try to make a private tab.

Expected result:
It should create/open a private tab.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Adding in screenshots.

Mobile Device details
Vivo 1603

Additional Information:
Let me explain it more briefly. Suppose you have some random tabs with websites and you also have a normal home tab and now if you create a private tab with these circumstances then it won’t create one until unless you delete the home/ normal tab.

Brave version:-

Private tab working perfectly fine in both Brave and Beta Version
You can clear Cache and restart your device, if this may work!

please can you read whole post which I wrote before replying anything.

private tab sure works fine but there is a certain circumstances where it doesn’t works
first read the while thing.

Did you follow anything which I post like reproducing the steps ?
or you just created a private tab ?

I read your whole post before,
then after it’s working very fine, after opening multiple tabs, open new empty tab, and then open Private tab, it’s working good, it may be your problem or your device issue.

Well I won’t call it a device issue. It’s just sometimes software behaves differently on certain devices. that’s all. it needs to be fix anyway cause in the end it’s brave issue not device cause I have used other browser as well and it doesn’t show bugs

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