Private-only mode: option to preserve site zoom

Please add the option to preserve site-specific zoom settings even if the user has private-browsing-only mode turned on.

I don’t see as well as I used to, and the default size on some sites is too small, even if I’ve set a default zoom increase. If I set the default zoom to accommodate those sites where it’s too small, other sites are too big and the site interface sometimes falls apart. It drives me nuts that I keep having to reset the zoom level on a site in private-only mode, even just by opening a link in a new tab (and on some sites, like slashdot, just moving from a post back to the main page via the site’s back button).

So that people who want maximum privacy aren’t surprised by the data retention, make this option turned off by default. Since the feature is optional and off by default, everybody wins.

Actually, I just noticed that the browser-wide zoom setting seemingly disappears if private-browsing-only mode is turned on, so that’s not even an option.