Brave has done a great job on Privacy/Security but needs to do more…

• Shields Step Down Granularity
Brave Shields should not be either Up or Down, but should have User Customizable Granularity.
As a user I would like to have the Shields stay up and as aggressive as possible. I am pretty sure
Brave developers have some kind of a handle on which specific elements most often result in
users dropping shields to achieve website workability. I would like a list of shield
options/elements that I can arrange in order of importance and group into multiple shield levels
and turn on and off. Hopefully Brave can come up with a minimum of these default levels trying
to keep shielding as efficacious as possible. Off, Level I, Level II, and Level III. Ideally the # of
Levels would be extensible and additional Levels could be added by Brave or the user. The goal
is to retain as much Privacy and Security as possible starting at the highest level and stepping
down from there automatically (Brave using AI to do it) or letting the user step it down.
• Enhanced Transactional Security - Brave might also work with banks and retailers to add
security and privacy to transactions that other browsers do not have. The goal being to jointly
with these retailers and banks achieve the best security for financial transactions.
• Market Security and Privacy Advantages - Brave doesn’t do as good a job as Firefox in
marketing its Security/Privacy prowess. Brave needs its own comparison chart matching and
besting every item found on the charts of other browser makers as well as those charts created
by third party reviewers. Brave needs to put DoH and XoT and DNT and HTTPS front and center.
Brave also needs to get in every review or and reveal the connections of the reviewers to
Browser makers. IMO any reviewer that promotes Google Chrome as a good at privacy is either
incompetent as a reviewer or on the take from Google and the same applies to MS Edge and very
likely to Safari.
• Quantifiable, Extensible Measures of Security and Privacy - The EFFs “Cover Your Tracks” is a good tool, but it is not employing a user friendly quantifying extensible measure of security and privacy. It needs to measure the security and privacy separately and together on scales that begin at 0 (lowest) and rise. If the elements of security and the elements of privacy were both complied into lists and then ordered based on importance then a number could be assigned to each element and the effectiveness of each element. Thus a Security Ranking and a Privacy Ranking could be created and then a combined Security/Privacy assigned.
• Third Party Reviews - Use third party reviews, but especially those like the study done by the professor in the UK, ?Leith?
• Brave Search - Change the Brave search “Find Elsewhere” to list the "Elsewhere"s in order of Privacy/Security which I believe would put DuckDuckGo and Google last instead of Google first.

I agree regarding transactional security. My bank keeps recommending IBM’s Trusteer Rapport, I’ve tried but it doesn’t work on Brave, even with Shields down.
I raised a community question and had zero responses!