Privacy/Security flaw! Cast to tv shows up, even in Tor mode!

It’s really weird that there’s no way to block requests to scan my network for a TV to cast to in a Chrome-based browser. Now this appears in brave on all privacy modes (normal, incopnit, tor). Add a policy feature to prevent websites from scanning a network. It’s also a flaw in Google Chrome, but I was hoping Brave was more privacy oriented.

It requires user interaction to make it cast, How is casting youtube videos a security/privacy flaw?

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Thanks for replying,

Because it scans your network without your permission, to find smart tv’s since the button only shows up when a tv is on, this this means (with the right code) google and or any website can survey and communicate to all or parts of a private network.

I don’t know how it does that, in detail of course, but I think at minimum the browser returns if a network has a smart tv and its model, and at worse detailed information about a network.

The weird thing is that no matter what settings I use this can bypass it like nothing.

I hope you guys can look into this

Isn’t permission basically granted when you click on the cast icon, and then specific device? I would understand the privacy issues if it automatically cast without any user intervention.

I mean that a website can register without permission if you have such a device in your network (on youtube: show button or not). Not the casting itself.