Privacy search engine difference without your consent

hello @Mattches I wanted to ask you what is the difference between the search engine that has more privacy and that does not sell your data without your consent to other companies. ecosia, duckduckgo and bing, google

I’m not Mattches, but I can tell you that DuckDuckGo is based on Microsoft Bing’s APIs — which is why they give similar results — so, even if DDG doesn’t sell your data, your aggregate data will be collected by Microsoft.

@gmacar so if or if you have to use duckduckgo by default that they do not sell you your data for privacy that is good. Another thing that happens with the ecosia search engine, do they sell you your data or not?

This is a subject whose scope is much broader than I can/should cover in a conversation here. I would highly recommend doing some surface-level research about data collection and privacy. That said, DuckDuckGo themselves has a page dedicated to this very subject:

thanks @Mattches I had read that topic of the search engine duckduckgo is an excellent search engine and another thing matches is ecosia a good search engine for privacy or do they sell you your data?


Thanks @Mattches question to know how to solve this problem where the image appears 10 days ago and comes out in English instead of Spanish look in the settings and nothing comes out I want everything to come out in Spanish the time the news page was published.

@Mattches that happens to me exactly the same on pc and I can’t find the configuration to be able to change in Spanish.

Do you see that same behavior in other browsers? It’s very likely a site-based issue.

@Mattches If correct, I see other browsers as in mobile as in PC, I go out in English and it does not come out in Spanish

So you are saying that if you go to DuckDuckGo using Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers (for example) on your PC and search, you’ll see the same results displayed the same way as they do in Brave?

@Mattches If correct all the browsers that I mention including in brave I get exactly English where the image appears on pc and also as on mobile.

Right, so I believe that this is a site-based issue rather than a Brave issue. That is, duckduckgo has some overriding control over how that particular text appears.

and you @Mattches could put that image problem as well as on pc and mobile and send it to the duckduckgo company to be able to solve that problem. is that what happens I sent a dm on Twitter and they did not respond to that problem and they have blocked me in the chat.

Thanks anyway for all @Mattches and that you are super good :+1: Anything that has a problem, I’ll let you know

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I prefer to use Presearch search engine. It is decentralized, 100% private and gives you the best search results. It is a node based engine where everyone can contribute. You can find extensions for Brave (Chrome) and make it your default engine. I did that two years ago and have been very saticfied.

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