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Hi, I just installed your briowser on my Win7-64 computer, I have a Norton firewall that is set to ask for new connections.
The 2 links above come up, even after switching updates off, before I had the chance to visit any websites.
What do they do, why send data to amazonaws and laptop updates? Is there a way to switch off other than using my hosts file?
I’m looking for a browser that only visits the sites that I tell it to, is that possible?
Your browser seems promising otherwise.

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Hello Michael,

I’m curious about what you report, can you share screenshots of the alerts or, better yet, just the information? (Title of the alert, IPs being reached, etc.)

Thanks in advance.


I think it’s for autoupdate. Not sure about this. cc @sriram or @alex


Since autoupdate won’t be disabled, that won’t be possible I’m afraid. Please see for more discussion.


Also if you report the possibility of data leakage, please refer this post:


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