Privacy Pass fail

I want to access this article
When accessing this article with Vivaldi, Privacy Pass ( automatically clears the hcaptcha field.
When accessing the same article with Brave, with extensions disabled, with ‘trackers and ad blocking’ disabled, Privacy Pass does not automatically clear the hcaptcha.
Although Privacy Pass counts 1 hcaptcha pass, every time I hit the ‘I am human’ button, Brave still reloads the hcaptcha field.

Does it work without Privacy Pass enabled? (we are blocking a couple requests of Cloudflare trackers, which maybe affecting it)

With Privacy Pass disabled, Brave reloads the hcaptcha field.

In Brave Beta (a newer profile). It didn’t ask for me for a capcha.

I do not have Brave beta installed.
According to the Brave about section, my version is up to date.
When can I expect Brave to release an updated stable version?
Also, if I can clear this issue with Brave beta, will installing Brave beta remove any of my existing browser settings/bookmarks/extensions/current tab session/history?

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